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Leaders from CNTAC and BMCE Inspected BIFT


    On March 11, a research group, composed of leaders from China National Textile and Apparel Council inspected BIFT and offered advice, among whom were the vice minister Xu Kunyuan, the vice preident Gao Yong, directors of Science & Development Department Li Jinbao and Zhang Huiqin, and Fu Zhifeng, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.  The Party Secretary of BIFT Hui Guizhi, President Liu Yuanfeng, Vice President Jia Ronglin, and some relevant department directors had a discussion with the research group.

    On the symposium, heads of BIFT introduced the general situation of BIFT and some important experiences in scientific research. Xu Kunyuan confirmed BIFT’s effort to reform and its great achievements. He promised that CNTAC would give further support to the development of BIFT. Leaders from BMCE also expressed appreciation to the development of BIFT.

    After the symposium, Professor Li Congju and Professor Zheng Rong delivered special reports to the research group on the topics of “Electro-spinning Technology and Nano-fiber Material” and "Research on Clothing Construction and Application of Ergonomics ". Afterwards, the research group inspected the Nano Technology & Fibre Material Laboratory and Aimer Ergonomic Research Institute and expressed great expectation toward BIFT’s characteristic research orientation. The research group also visited School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Fashion Art and Engineering and Ethnic Costumes Museum.

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