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Design Works by BIFT Graduates Strike a Pose on the Fashion Week Stage where Exhibits from Both Sides of the Strait are on Display


       March 27 2010 witnessed the blooming of a gorgeous flower on the International Fashion Week's stage – the annual exhibition of the design works by BIFT graduates at Beijing Hotel. Also participating in this exhibition were the design works by graduates of the Shih-Chien University in Taiwan. The exhibition was themed on “New Fashion of 2010” and was given priority by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Government's Education Committee. This exhibition gathered a galaxy of first-class professionals and stars in the three areas of fashion design, fashion show and fashion media. Altogether 101 outfits belonging to 21 series selected from 60 design series by BIFT were shown on the runway by 60 models, while the Shih Chien University brought 40 outfits in 8 categories.

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