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Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology actively serves the function of promoting economic and social development, attaching great importance to basic research, high technology research, and application research. In recent years, great achievements have been realized in innovative and high-level basic research projects. Since the 10th 5-year plan, our Institute has undertaken 806 national-level, provincial-level, and other science and research projects, including projects from National High Technology Research and Development Program, and National Natural Science Foundation of China. It has achieved 10 national and provincial awards. For three consecutive years (2004-2006) there was one project awarded National Science Progress Level 2 status. Among these, the program for PA6/PE Mixed Island Super-thin Fiber and Artificial Skin Development and Industrialization Research was successfully completed and met all standards for world-class development. In the competition for the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies Creative Solutions, organized by the Beijing Olympic Committee (BOGOC), our Fashion Design Project was judged to be an excellent activity. The five sets of clothing for the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, (including staff, volunteers, technical personnel, torch bearers, and Chinese medal winners) were designed by our Institute. BIFT also participated in designing the space suits for the astronauts on the Shenzhou Seven Spacecraft, including devising the patterns on the astronauts’ sleeping bags, the color scheme of the space suits, and the development of the shoes to be worn in the spacecraft. Among the three highest ranked National Science Award programs undertaken by national universities at the Development Center of the Ministry of Education (National Nature Science Prize, National Technical Invention Prize, and National Science Technical Improvement Prize for 2004, 2005, and 2006), our Institute was rated 36th, 38th, and 40th.

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