Museum of Ethnic Costumes
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Museum of Ethnic Costumes
Museum of Ethnic Costumes

A state-of-the-art museum using modern means to serve the community; a cultural study institution with collection, exhibition, research, and education functions.
The Museum of Ethnic Costumes, affiliated with Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, has gleaned substantial ethnic cultural resources, including a rich variety of costumes, adornments, fabrics, batik articles, and embroideries that showcase traditional clothing styles of different ethnic groups, as well as some ancient costumes and fabrics. Using modern means to serve the community, the museum features distinctive ethnic flavors, and serves as a culture study institution combining collection, exhibition, research, and education functions. Here, in an area of 1,600 square meters, visitors may tour the Collected Costume Gallery; the Miao Costume Gallery; the Metal Jewelry Gallery; the Embroidery and Batik Gallery; the Old Photograph Gallery, and the Learning Center for China Ethnic and Traditional ;Clothing Craft, where they can gain some hands-on experience. The museum has been granted the status of Beijing Patriotism Education Base.

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